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Help using this site

Here’s a few things that might help you.


We use colour a lot on the site but if your struggling to make out the text on some colours the high contrast button may help you:


On computers, you can use your keyboard to navigate the site:

  • Tab: will move forward from link to link or to controls
  • Shift + Tab: will move backward from link to link or to controls
  • Spacebar: will select buttons and select/deselect boxes
  • Arrow keys: will navigate and select Radio Buttons
  • Tab: will move from box to box
  • ALT + Down arrow: will open a List Box
  • CTRL + Home: will go to the top of the page
  • CTRL + End: will go to the bottom of the page

Let us know if we could do something better

Children in Scotland take accessibility seriously, we endeavour to make the Evidence Back website easy to use and accessible for everyone.

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