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Young Mums on Childcare

Many said they had never had a conversation with their partner about childcare; it was just assumed that the father would go to work. Some of the single mothers described financial and emotional struggles in raising a family alone.

“It usually is always the mum that stays home and the dad goes out to work.”

“He said ‘Ken what, I’ll be a stay at home dad and you go out and work.’ I was like ‘yeah no bother.’ I think he was joking because he definitely couldn’t handle it, he had them for three hours and he was like ‘that was so hard, why did you not call or anything?’ I’m like ‘That’s how I feel!’”

“He was in [nursery] two days a week – Thursday and Friday – and it cost me £500 a month… there’s hardly any point finding a job.”

“X is always like “my job’s hard” and I’m like fair enough but I also think yeah physically your job’s hard but mine’s mentally torturing.”