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Listen. Help me. Be Kind.

Here are some examples of what children and young people told Scottish Women’s Aid about their experiences with services they have engaged with:

“Listen to me and not just my mum and other people like teachers.”

“The police are not nice – they have a grumpy face.”

“The police didn’t speak to me so that scared me a bit – they spoke to my sister though. They had good fun with her but never spoke to me.”

“Workers should not be on their phone when they see you.”

“I feel safe because when I need to talk my teacher will listen.”

“Something should happen once I speak up.”

“Sometimes school mentions to people about your problems without your permission.”

“I need somewhere I can express my feelings and thoughts.”

“Someone talking and really listening to you is the best experience.”

“Police can help you and you can call them. But they don’t talk to you after something happened to let you know what happened afterwards.”

“Services should not be boring.”

“Workers should be kind, thoughtful and caring.”

“I’ve got more freedom ’cause I get to talk to my Women’s Aid worker about my problems and this helps me figure them out.”

“Social work tried to speak to me in front of my parents. I was too scared to tell.”

“Let me know it’s ok to have a say and I’m not wrong and not to blame for other people’s actions.”