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Services evidence from the Ears Wide Open Report

Listen. Help me. Be Kind.

“Workers should be kind, thoughtful and caring.”

Services evidence from the Status of Young Women in Scotland 2016 Report

Young Mums on Childcare

“It usually is always the mum that stays home and the dad goes out to work.”

Services evidence from the Status of Young Women in Scotland 2016 Report

Young Mothers’ Experiences

“…you never see anything for young dads, you never hear anything for young dads.”

Services evidence

FMQT Next Generation Event 1 – Question on Support for Independent Living for Care Experienced Young People

  What are you going to do about ensuring young people with Care Experience are ready to live independently, not just given a house and left to it?   Watch the clip for the First […]

Services evidence from the Our Generation’s Epidemic Report

Young People’s Views of Mental Health Services

Young people discuss their experiences of accessing mental health services and make recommendations.

Services evidence from the “If an adult just listens…” Report

Considerations for Family Law Committee

“Children and young people have lived-experiences and these decisions affect their lives, so it is important their voices are heard. Children and young people are the experts in themselves.”

Services evidence

Humanising Services

Call 14: From homelessness to the Home Office, young people’s services must be humanised

Services evidence from the Beyond4Walls Report

Housing Support

“No one tells us. We need to know how to manage money and rent and stuff.”

Services evidence from the Food, Families, Futures Report

Summer Clubs

“I feel great about this summer club. And I have fun!”

Services evidence from the School Nursing Service Review Report

Awareness of School Nurses and Issues around Health

Children and young people expressed a range of physical health, mental health and social issues they would like support with. However, there was a lack of awareness about what school nurses do and the types of issues they can help with.