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Children’s Comments from the ‘UNCRC Concluding Observations’ Seminar 2017

Below are remarks from children who attended the ‘UNCRC Concluding Observations’ seminar in Glasgow, March 2017.

The Right to Live Free from Discrimination:

“People need to feel as if someone cares about them and loves them”

“We need to promote inclusion”

“We must do more to challenge prejudice”

“We need access to more inclusive services that everyone can access”

“We face the same barriers no matter what our situations”

“Everybody is different”

“Marginalised groups of young people can become very isolated, help make sure everyone is involved and supported”

“People should not be labelled”

“Rights are rights, you can’t pick and choose them!”

The Right to be Respected:

“Rights are more important now than ever, don’t let the current political climate erode them”

“The government should listen to what WE think about our rights”

“The views of young people must be heard, we want to participate and have our voices heard on the issues that affect us”

“Promises made by the government must be delivered”

“Young people must be confident to speak up, raise awareness and have their voices heard”

“Keep up the pressure to implement the recommendations from the Concluding Observations”

“The government need to listen to what we need”

“Encourage involvement, working together is the best way to move forward”

“To learn about each other, we have to meet each other – this is how we will build a better understanding”