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What Kind of Home Life Do Children Want?

For children, home life is what matters most.

“When adults yell and use their power to make you feel embarrassed or bad, that’s not supportive. You don’t want to play when that happens.” – MCP, Active Children

“I believe that people don’t have to ask for love.” – MCP, Imagining Aberdeen

“Be caring in your heart.” – MCP, Together We Can Fix It

“Role models are important. Everyone needs someone to follow and inspire them.” MCP, Me + Us

“It is important that looked after children think they are loved. Even if they are in care, they all have the right to be loved.” – MCP, Seen + Heard Fife

“When children get shown respect and kindness, it makes you feel happier and have a happier day. It makes you feel like a normal human being, rather than like a wee person with no worth.” – MCP, CP Investigates Bullying