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Places & Spaces evidence from the Your space or mine? Report

The role of public space in the lives of young people

“It’s a bad area but it is good too.”

Places & Spaces evidence

FMQT Next Generation Event 1 – Question on Littering and the Environment

  Is there anything being done about the plastic in the environment?  Because round Glasgow I’ve seen a lot of plastic and litter just being thrown, especially on the motorway.   Watch the clip for […]

Places & Spaces evidence

FMQT Next Generation Event 1 – Question on Homelessness

  There’s simply not enough being done about homeless teens in Scotland.  Social work doesn’t consider you a priority if you’re over 16, and there’s very few organisations and charities that have the resources to […]

Places & Spaces evidence from the Learning Lessons Report

Poverty, Friends and Out of School Activities

“It might affect their social life. Like, talking to friends because maybe their friends are going to a club and they want to go but can’t.”

Places & Spaces evidence from the Bridging the Generation Gap Report

Intergenerational Practice in Communities

“They [older people] see you in the street and they try and walk the other way. They phone the police and they’re always angry. They think we waste our time.” Young person, Tullibody

Places & Spaces evidence from the Our Generation’s Epidemic Report

Creating a Supportive Environment to Talk About Mental Health in Schools

Young people’s views on mental health in schools: who they talk to, what works, and what can be done better.

Places & Spaces evidence from the Status of Young Women in Scotland 2016 Report

Young Women on Safe Spaces

Young women discuss what safe space means to them.

Places & Spaces evidence from the Young Gypsy/Travellers’ Voices Report

Housing and Resource Needs for Gypsy/Roma/Traveller Young People and their Families

“Children lack places to play such as a park and older young people lack places to go.”

Places & Spaces evidence

Dunkeld and Birnam Community Planning

“I want the footpath along the road to be safer. I really like to cycle and I could get better at cycling if the path to Dunkeld was safer.”

Places & Spaces evidence

Building Wellbeing Into Design

Call 22: Build wellbeing into the design of our learning spaces to show young people they are truly valued