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YEA, We Can!

Young Edinburgh Action (YEA) is a collaborative youth project supported by the City of Edinburgh Council and shaped by young people. YEA gives young people opportunity, space and access to resources; with this we create and shape action research projects on topics that are important to young poeple.

Why young people’s voices are important?

“Young people’s opinions are valuable and it is important to value them”

“[We] are the next building block for tomorrow’s generation”

“There are a lot of young people who have opinions that are valuable. Just as adults opinions are valuable”

“Young people are those who are going to be affected by decisions which are made now so it is very important that we take an interest in influencing decisions on issues that are important to us and our future. We are also those who will become decision-makers in the future, and by practising and engaging with a similar process we are equipping ourselves to make stronger decisions when it becomes our turn.”

“Young people should have a say in decisions being made for them. Any action for young people should be carried out by young people – or at least with their interests and ideas in mind.”

What are the benefits of being involved in YEA?

“For a while, I saw YEA as just a group I went to, it was fun and something for my CV but as I’ve gotten more invested and more interested I can see the immense impact it has had on me, my confidence, my thought process, my future plans. I’ve met the most amazing people, that I will know and be able to rely on for life. I look up to every single individual in YEA for several reasons; YEA has helped my appreciate diversity. I can’t stress enough that I was literally unable to converse with people in the first few meetings and now I am able to present our research to massive groups!”