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What Kind of Scotland Do Children Want?

“Our views are important, we see the world in an imaginative and positive way. We need to be valued for what we can offer the world now as children, and not just as citizens to be.” MCP, Mapping the Future

“Sometimes when you say something and adults don’t believe you that makes you feel sad, that they are not being  kind and that’s when sometimes if they don’t trust me, then I don’t trust them.” MCP, CP Investigates Bullying

“Everyone should be able to join in. If you are a boy or a girl or if you are from a different country, no one should say you can’t join in or stop you from playing.” MCP, Active Children

“We’ve spoken about things to do with Scotland and we discussed some of the problems Scotland faces. I have learnt lots of new words like stereotype, empathy and respect. I have felt like my opinions matter, not just to people around me, like my friends and family, but to people who don’t know me too.” MCP, Me + Us

“Children’s rights are important because they are essential to make a child’s life livable.” MCP, Seen + Heard Fife