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Thoughts on FMQT Next Generation Event 1

What children and young people said about the first FMQT Event in September 2018:

“I think it was really fun to plan and to happen. There will be a few changes but it will be exciting to see how it will turn out this time.” – Eloise, Design Team

“I liked how it was an event specifically for children and young people because I think it is important for them to get involved in politics and understand how the country is run.” – Audience member

“Make the open questions time longer so that other people can get a chance to ask questions.” – Audience member

“I liked how the event was nice and welcoming.” – Divine, Design Team

“I was really impressed by the inclusivity of the event; gender neutral bathrooms and sign language inclusive.” – Audience member

“I think that we achieved the laid-back comfy atmosphere we were aiming for without the expense of harming the serious nature of the event, yet we need more time for rebuttal and questions from the audience.” – Josh, Design Team