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Listen To Us.

“My favourite part about being involved was meeting like-minded young people with whom I could comfortably discuss my views, and I feel that being involved was important for me as I feel empowered to speak out about these issues, and since we have influenced the Scottish Government and Parliament, I am of the opinion that we have been able to give the nation’s young people a voice.”

“My favourite part about being involved was the ability to express my views and opinions in a safe and welcoming environment with people who were also just as involved and interested to hear what others like them had to say. Being involved was important for me because young people deserve a voice, and this way we can make sure that they aren’t forgotten and what they have to say means something.”

“My favourite part of being involved was the fact that I felt like my voice as a young person was being taken into consideration and valued. I also really enjoyed meeting other young people and sharing my views with them and hearing their own views.”

“Being involved was important to me as I was helping to ensure that young people’s voices and opinions are heard and not overlooked. It also helped me grow in confidence, doing a live interview on BBC Radio 5 Live was something I never would have thought I would have the chance, or the confidence to do, but with the help and support of the Panel, both adults and young people, I was able to. Being involved is important as it shows that young people’s voices do matter and deserve to be heard and valued.”