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Young Carers: Impact of COVID-19 on Maintaining Health and Taking Breaks


“I can’t get out of the house for a day and we can’t afford to do or get anything. We are just getting by with only making 80% of our wages. It’s a lot harder to keep on top of the rent and we spend more money on alcohol and cigarettes which makes it harder to afford electricity and some foods. It’s harder to eat fresh and healthy because we can’t afford it at the moment. I have gained a lot of weight since lockdown and it really affects my mental health” – Young adult carer, 19

“It’s hard to care for someone when I can’t even care for myself” – Young carer, 17

“I worry about money and if we can pay the bills. I am fine about school work, and I love being home with my family. But I worry can we afford things we need” – Young carer, 12


“Coronavirus has made it harder to get a break from my caring role and has made me feel more unsafe at home” – Young carer, 14

“Has been more stressful and can’t get a break as we are shielding. I also have very little access to digital equipment to be able to stay in touch with friends and keep up with school work” – Young carer, 15

“It makes you very isolated mentally. Support you used to be able to get from family and friends suddenly stops as no one can come and step in to give you a break as they’re not allowed near you or even in the house” – Young adult carer, 20

“Since the pandemic started and lockdown began, my time caring has doubled since the time where I would have been at work is now spent caring so my mum can work. The lockdown has made the person I
care for more agitated and he has had more meltdowns since it started which have been extremely stressful to deal with. He has no services at the moment so my mum and I can’t get a break” – Young adult carer, 22

“It’s made it harder. I don’t get any respite, no time away or family support” – Young carer, 12

“Made things harder, as we never get a break from each other but I can’t leave because I need to care for my mum” – Young adult carer, 19

“I’m more stressed and anxious and I just feel like I need a break” – Young adult carer, 20