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An alcohol-free childhood

What does an alcohol-free childhood mean?

“Children would have a safer world to explore.”

“Children would be happier because their streets would be more clean.”

What would it be like to have an alcohol-free childhood?

“Children would have a much happier life. They don’t have to be scared anymore.”

“Parents would pay a lot more attention. Better life. More fun and much more.”

“I think children would feel less worried. Children wouldn’t have to watch their parents drink.”

“People would be better, stronger, healthier and live a long life.”

“Children would be better and healthier because when they grow up, they wouldn’t think it’s cool to drink.”


“Parents would pay a lot more attention.”

“Children wouldn’t see it in the house. You wouldn’t see your mum or dad drinking so much.”

“Children wouldn’t have to watch their parents drink.”

“It’s ok to have a glass or two but just not too much.”

“It’d be good because my mum wouldn’t be drunk. She acts funny when she’s drunk.”


“Children would be able to play in nice, tidy parks.”

“Children would feel safer if they didn’t see [people drinking alcohol] on the street.”

“It would be better at festivals for children. Bottles and cans on the grass are dangerous.”

“When children went to the football stadium, there would be less fights. The stadium would be tidy, and people wouldn’t shout as much.”

“Children wouldn’t have to worry about standing on glass or cutting themselves.”

“Some people go up to the wrong person’s house and bang the door. It makes me feel a wee bit worried because you never know what they’re going to do.”

“There would be less litter in the sea and leftover bottles and broken glass on the beach. It would be safer for children and the environment.”

Shops and other businesses

“Children wouldn’t see alcohol when they go to supermarkets and shops.”

“Parents wouldn’t see it and think that they need to buy more and more alcohol.”

Branding and advertising

“Children wouldn’t see sponsored sports games on TV or adverts selling alcohol. Children would not see TV shows with bottles in them or people drinking.”

“Children wouldn’t be tempted to try it [alcohol].”

“Children would understand how alcohol affects people’s lives and how it is definitely not ‘cool’ at all.”

“I wouldn’t know what it is so I wouldn’t want to drink it.”