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Health & Wellbeing evidence from the “Coping is difficult, but I feel proud” Report

How Are Young Carers Coping With Everyday Life?

“I just get on with it.”

Health & Wellbeing evidence from the Inquiry into Bullying and Harassment in Schools Report

Bullying in School

There would appear to be a strong link between bullying and poor mental health, with young people identifying that bullying has a whole host of negative impacts such as low self-esteem, social isolation, sadness, depression or anxiety (NSPCC, 2016, Children’s Parliament, 2016).

Health & Wellbeing evidence from the Mental Health in Scotland Report

Children Reflect on Mental Health Support

NHS Health Scotland’s study of children and young people’s mental health in Scotland showed a decline in young people’s wellbeing as they got older, with life satisfaction and happiness decreasing between the ages of 11 and 15.