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What Kind of Schools Do Children Want?

For the most part, most children like going to school. They are curious and interested in learning. Children flourish and learn in a school environment in which they say their rights are respected and promoted.

“If teachers are prepared to stick by you, believe in you, it makes a huge difference. You can turn your whole life around.” – MCP, A Teaching Workforce for Scotland

“We are taking our example from you.” – MCP, StreetsAhead Glasgow

“It’s important to let people know your experiences, good ones and bad ones.” – MCP, Seen + Heard Fife

“Shouting doesn’t help me learn.” – MCP, A Teaching Workforce for Scotland

“Children have opinions and they should not be overlooked just because of their age” – MCP

“Empathy changes how you see the world.” – MCP, Me + Us

“Sometimes you worry that you’re not good enough. Your friends can help and encourage you. When you work together, it’s better because you have someone to look after you and help you learn more.” – MCP, Active Children