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Supportive Teachers

Many of the most commonly raised suggestions by children and young people for what makes a good teacher related to qualities that could be understood as ‘nurturing’ or ‘supportive’.

Findings present a picture of a teacher who is positive and puts their pupils in a position to learn through the specific ways that they engage and support them. At a classroom level, this was frequently about creating a positive and warm environment where all pupils felt safe and supported.

Children and young people often used the word ‘kind’ to describe the quality that teachers needed to create this atmosphere.

“If a teacher is kind it travels across the class and puts everyone in a good mood.”

“It lifts your spirits. You want to do stuff a lot better because you are happy.”

“Shouting makes me more angry.” “Getting angry at you doesn’t help.”

“It is important to praise pupils. It will make them feel good. They will do better work.”