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Learning about Housing

Young people across both age groups highlighted that schools were a key place to learn skills and information about housing. Young people shared that information in schools about housing and life skills tended to be shared in 5thand 6thyear, but that this excluded those who chose to leave in 4thyear.

“You don’t get it, yeah, but we only just found out, we were going into sixth year and we only found out about it last year. I don’t understand like rent and all that, I don’t understand that. I think it’s unfair because if you leave in fourth year you won’t have [understood that].’” [focus group 14-17]

“We don’t know what’s available, no one tells ye. When you’re in school they teach you stuff that you would never need to know outside of school but they don’t tell us how to manage our money. I mean when am I ever going to use tangents.” [focus group 14-17]