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Human Rights in the Classroom

Children human rights defenders told the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland that they want to see human rights taught in schools.

“My school doesn’t teach human rights and I think it’s necessary to educate young people about their human rights.”

“Teach human rights in all schools, not just the ‘best’ or best resourced ones.”

“We need to teach how powerful a young person can be.” “Yeah, and the importance of their opinions.”

“Teach young people human rights from an early age.”

And they want to see them in action. Some participants expressed that teachers and school faculty who are more aware have more inclusive classrooms and can better support all students:

“Trainee teachers don’t class BSL as necessary as part of their learning. BSL is absolutely needed. It gives children and young people an opportunity to express themselves visually and what’s more amazing than that?”

“Teachers call it disobedience when we speak up, not human rights defending.”

“It’s unacceptable for pupil’s to bully or threaten each other at school, so why does the same rule not apply to teachers.”

“Not getting your education that day is like not being paid that day. Taking it further than that, like detention, is not fair.”

“The school complained and said, ‘you did really bad in prelim’ and I said, ‘well my brother was going through chemotherapy.’ I couldn’t come into school and just relax and go into my prelim and do my best because inside I was just scared and needed someone to help me through it.”