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Gender perceptions


“A doctor is a boy and a nurse is a girl”

“All nurses are ladies”

“I went to see a nurse and I saw a boy”

“Nurses are just girls”

“When you picture it , you picture the men as the head doctor and the women as a nurse”

“I think it should be mixed because stereotypically they are weaker and should be doing the less important jobs”

“Not many boys”

“Lassies can be smarter than boys at secondary school”

“My mum is a nurse and she works with a man who is a nurse”

“A boy or a girl can learn and do the same things”


“Boys are faster to do it”

“I have always seen and heard they are stronger”

“Anyone can go into space, multiple people can go on a spaceship, I saw a movie”

“It doesn’t really matter, I’ve seen a couple of films with boy and girl astronauts”

“Its just up to themselves”


“Out of Edinburgh they are making a new bridge and I saw men and women”

“Boys are stronger”

“Men get trained to do it”

“I saw people, a girl going into work”

“Boys are stronger than girls it depends what strength you are”


“Why would a man want to work in an office”

“ladies are more organised than boys”

“Boys can work computers better”

Sports Scientist

“Mostly boys like football and science”

“Girls like sport, girls can be sporty as well”


“In the movies they are boys and girls”

“All my doctors are women”

“Word doctor sounds feminine”

“Feminine doctors are nice and gentle and slow with you”

“Men doctors are straight forward”

“Men are stereotypically rough”


“I know architects are male, but in my head a lady does sitting and drawing… it’s not like labour”


“I’ve never seen a female builder, even in the movies”

“I’d like to say it would be mixed”

“Do you see any girls on a construction site”

“Normally when people you think builders or joiners… but there are some roles that women specialise in”


“In the primary there are more women”

“In high school it is a lot more mixed”

“Secondary is harder… men are seen as ‘cleverer’ ‘smarter’”

“Male teachers do science, maths and computing… most of the art is female”