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Young Women’s Motivations to Engage in Politics

Big Political Events

“I have been a member of the SNP ever since the referendum.”

“I was a strong supporter of Scottish Independence and that was where I got my first insight into political activism.”

“After the referendum I joined a political party.”

“What really inspired me was the mid-terms in America, the voter turnout increased so much because everyone decided they’re not going to let it happen again, [it’s inspiring] when everyone is trying to make a difference.”

Personal Interests, Experiences & Wider Social Issues

“My political engagement is not at all party politics based, it is much more my interest based. I am more involved through like third sector and through that kind of activism rather than engaging directly with the parties themselves.”

Some showed that they were trying to change things for the better or for others:

“I do modelling to try and encourage other women with disabilities to model.”

“I’ve participated in the Special Olympics and I’m training for the next one, too.”

Home Life

“I have always been encouraged to take an interest in current affairs by my family and I will always use my vote.”

“I learned from my mum and granny the importance of people power.”

Opportunities From Within Institutions

“I went to my first protest when I was 10, that was with my youth worker.”

“It is so important to have allies who encourage you, especially when you are disabled.”

“I learned so much from my direct-action group, it was all women which was refreshing and so much thought was put into making it accessible.”

“When I was in high school we did a lot of work in the global community like a partnership with a school in South Africa.”

“I had two really good youth workers who helped us explore different issues, both around the world and locally. So I got involved there and never really stopped.”