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Ways to Engage Children and Young People with Their Rights

To inform its response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on incorporation of the United Nations Convention on the Rightsof the Child (UNCRC), Children in Scotland hosted a children’s rights discussion day with 20 children and young people aged 8 to 21 from across Scotland.

Children’s participation in decision-making was viewed as fundamental to fulfilling and upholding children’s rights and they should play a significant role in the development of a Children Right’s Scheme.

“incorporation of UNCRC from CYP, and CYP have the right to be heard in decisions that affect them.”

In addition to having UNCRC awareness embedded in the curriculum, the group suggested different ways of engaging and supporting children and young people with their rights:

  • Social media campaign – “they don’t have to go anywhere, it appeals to young people”
  • Animations – “Have space for young people to input their ideas”
  • Webpage – “There should be an online platform for children to speak up”
  • Video – Children being able to submit videos/vlogs on issues that are important to them. For example, “Brexit”“plastic polution”, and “subject choices”