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Meet the 5Rights Youth Commission!

The 5Rights Youth Commission was launched in February 2016 to gather insights, ideas and recommendations from all across Scotland, on ‘how Scotland can become a nation which realises the rights of children and young people in the digital world’.

As a group that represents the views of young people in Scotland, the 5Rights Youth Commission is truly diverse. It is made up of 19 young people aged 14 to 21, from across 12 different local authority areas in Scotland – covering areas from the central belt to Aberdeenshire, Argyll and Bute, and Na h-Eileanan Siar. We also have a wide diversity of backgrounds, experiences and abilities. While we all have a different take on the digital world, together we are devoted to making sure all children and young people are empowered in the digital world by the same rights that we already enjoy offline.

With over 2000 collective volunteer hours committed to the project, we have looked worldwide for evidence and insights about our digital world – from examining evidence with industry experts, to attending conferences, exhibitions, debates, and speaking to other young people.

“Without young people enjoying these rights they have no ability to get the very most out of the internet on which we all depend.” – Jonas, 16

“It’s imperative that [young people] are listened to before our lack of representation comes back to haunt us in the form of insufficient protection of our online rights.” – Miranda, 18

“I have and will always see our digital world as a place for connection and community, this project has strengthened that.” – Dan, 17

“I imagine that the digital world in the 22nd century will be advanced, brilliant and safe for all children to use effectively and creatively.” – Rachel, 17

“Most [adults portray the online world] as a big, bad and scary place, where everyone is a bad person – when honestly you can meet some amazing people.” – Saul, 15

“I feel the work we have done has been very progressive in improving people’s experiences in the digital world.” – Ruaraidh, 15

“As a future primary teacher, I would love to opportunity to make digital space more accessible, safe and engaging for children and young people.” – Aneesah, 22

“The digital world is so important to this generation and future generations which is why 5Rights is essential.” – Jade, 16

“Participating in this project has helped me come out of my comfort zone and participate in activities such as public speaking.” – Emma, 17

“I believe that when young people collate all their ideas, something amazing can happen.” – Rory, 16

“As a deaf young person digital rights are really important to me; I use digital methods of communication a lot in my daily life.” – Raysa, 23

“My view on the digital world has changed and I am now more aware of what I’m agreeing to and how companies use my data.” – Ibrahim, 17

“A chance to have the opinions of people my age broadcasted through places other than social media.” – Tristan, 17

“It’s great to use our mind and explore our imagination to create something new, something better and stronger for young people.” – Louise, 20

“I think it is important that the views of young people like me are heard when rules and decisions are made which affect the way young people like me live our lives.” – Rowan, 16

“I wanted to make a real change to the lives of children and young people in today’s digital world.” – Isla, 20

“Joining the youth commission has made me feel more empowered to make a difference to the life experience of my generation.” – Bethany, 16