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What do children think of their OSC in Dalmarnock?

What do children want from staff?

“fix problems”

“If (the practitioner) acts the wrong way a child might not want to come

“Uniform is important, so that you know who works there.”

“Work outfit so that you know they work for the out of school care club.”

“(Staff) set up games for you”

“(Adults) have to make sure you’re safe and find things for you to do.”


“(This shows that staff) care about what children have done.”

Resources and activities

“Sports help you feel energised and healthy.”

“Crafts, because I like drawing.”

“It would be good to try new stuff.”

Children’s preferred service

“I don’t like to be at other people’s houses”

“Childminders are like strangers”

“I might be lonely.”

“Not as many activities (at a childminder).”

“(Out of) school care has lots of activities, but at clubs you can only do one

“Take you places you want to go”

“They have games, something to eat and a T.V.”

“Let you go outside when the weather is better”

“My childminder has a party when it’s your birthday”

“I wouldn’t (want to go) because you need to go to a wee hall and sit.”

“Activities to meet new people. They can help you settle in.”

“Get pals to go with you.”