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Support for Learning Strategies

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has taken steps to make their materials more accessible to students with disabilities or additional support needs. Digital Question Papers have been designed for use by children and young people with additional support needs who have difficulty using ordinary exam papers. They were introduced by the SQA in 2008 and are now used by over half of schools in Scotland.

Digital Question Papers have received positive feedback from students. They said:

“I am really not very good at spelling and writing, but I do not like asking for help and I hate using the dictionary.”

“These help me work on my own. It is much better.”

“I can work on my own when using digital.”

Bannockburn Primary has been involved in an innovative pilot “Reading with Dogs” in a bid to support their pupil’s education and wellbeing. The school has welcomed dogs Dylan and Scruffy on a weekly basis as part of a partnership between the school and charity, Canine Concern Scotland. The two dogs have worked with over 20 pupils to develop their confidence and ability in reading by taking short sessions where youngsters read to the animals. Pupils report feeling less anxious and having more confidence in reading aloud.

“I love reading with the dogs because if I make a mistake, they don’t judge me or try to correct me, they just let me read. It makes me feel calm and relaxed, and helps me to get better at reading out loud.”