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Information Provided about Life after School

There were 19 listings by the young people saying the information from schools was positive:

“It’s good to get all the information as it’s quite hard to think of it all yourself. As I’m only 16 it’s hard to think beyond school as this is all I know.”

For another young person the Personal Social and Education (PSE) classes had been helpful:

“School tell us in 6th year how to apply for uni – we spend time in PSE, they do loads in PSE”

Other young people felt that PSE is not useful but it could be:

“To use the PSE lessons would be good or a transition lesson in assembly.”

There were 29 listings from the young people saying the information they received from schools was negative and there was no or very limited information. 6 young people said they had not received any information from school.

“Well – school, they always want you to make the right choice but I don’t know what the right choice is for me …. I don’t know the College courses I would need to take.”

One young carer spoke about how the information they received about Modern Apprenticeships was limited to the traditional jobs and careers:

“.. they [school] said we have Modern Apprenticeships in a subject like nursing and all that kind of stuff but half of us don’t want to go into nursing..”

The lack of information about either Activity Agreements or Modern Apprenticeships was mentioned by a number of young people:

“Activity Agreements weren’t mentioned at all [in school] – I heard about it via my youth worker.”

Another young person spoke about the lack of information they received about student loans and bursaries:

“I still don’t know anything about SAAS [Student Awards Agency Scotland] … we should be given Guidance leaflets about SAAS.”

From Skills Development Scotland The Careers Service were identified by 6 young people as positive providers of

“Careers get to know about you and your passions and help you find a clear path. This was very helpful and they … gave me the prospectus for College..”

One young person said that the Careers Adviser:

“…. told me not to focus on just one role, which made sense and they helped widen the spectrum of what I could do.”

3 young people said the information from the Careers Service didn’t meet their needs:

“The Careers should give more help about what we want to do. I remember sitting down with the Careers Adviser and she asked ‘What do you want to do, why do you want to do it and have you looked up any of the qualifications you will need?’ and it was like you are asking me if I should know all this and I should be asking you.”

9 young people said that they had to get the information they needed themselves; 8 of whom used the internet to research information:

“I spent a long considerable time googling. I kind of did it myself – looking at all the prospectus’ and finding out the best course..”

Information needs to be proactive, person-centred and specific to the needs of individual young people:

“Give us some input so not only asking us what we need but telling us if we’ve missed anything or …. telling us the stages we need to go through and this is how you get from A to B to C.”

Listed 12 times was the need for better help from the Careers Service with 7 young people saying they would like to see the Careers Adviser more or have more help from them, and 5 saying they would like the information and/or input earlier:

“Probably the Careers Adviser could help more and this could be good. We only have this 1 or 2 times a year …”