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Life after School – Hopes and Dreams

Young people responded to the question ‘What are your hopes and dreams?’ Going to college or university was a hope or dream of 34 of the young people.

“I really want to go to university …. I always want to achieve as much as I can with things…”

“I hope to get to the college and get a good degree and get involved in creative projects such as film.”

For 7 young people higher education was a means to reaching goals and dreams. For one young carer it was about personal achievement in the face of family criticism:

“I want to get 100% as I was told as a child by my biological father that if I didn’t get 100% it wasn’t good enough”

For one young person with a chronic health condition, her awareness that her condition was changeable meant she was driven to achieving her goals sooner rather than later:

“I’m apprehensive as my condition is so variable and as I get older I am aware that I need to do things now and take any opportunity now whilst I can.”

For one transgender young person, their personal dream was to complete their gender reassignment:

“I want to be a cool guy!!”

For one young carer, achieving emotional and mental resilience was a key hope:

“I think my overall aim for myself is to reach resilience. I genuinely think that it’s not how many times you fall over, it’s how many times you get back up.”

Another young carer hoped that leaving school would mean:

“… my career will be taking off and I’d have enough to keep me going. I wouldn’t feel so restricted in what I can do and the places I can go.”

For one young person with a long-term health condition volunteering abroad was a huge dream:

“I am excited about moving onto something totally new. I feel a bit apprehensive about what could go wrong or what issues could be thrown up that we haven’t thought of.”

A gradual transitions was a hope for one young person on the autistic spectrum who recognised their own personal need to take things slowly and gradually if they wished to achieve their hopes and dreams:

“Probably be based at home for a year or two – feels ok – get used to living life without school and try to be a bit more independent”