"People who feel their human rights are not upheld the most are often the ones who defend them the strongest."

Culture, Media & The Arts

"We used to have a lot of fights over WhatsApp."


"Let's all work together to come up with a solution to sort the issues."


"I am bullied for where I come from and for my poverty. My life is a struggle."


"...feed children good meals that will fill them up when there is nothing to eat at home."


"School is difficult for me. It is noisy and busy and there are bright lights."

Health & Wellbeing

"It's like there's no escaping the bullies. I'm struggling to cope with how upset I feel..."

Education & Learning

“If a teacher is kind it travels across the class and puts everyone in a good mood."

Additional Support for Learning

"Whatever kind of Corporate Parent you are, just be there, listen and show them that you care."


"No one tells us. We need to know how to manage money and rent and stuff."

Places & Spaces

"It’s unsafe for toddlers, they might fall on the glass. The council doesn’t do anything about it."